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Answers to Your Questions about Tennis and Basketball Court Installation

Below are answers to some of the questions we get most frequently regarding installing a backyard basketball court or a home pickleball or tennis court. If you do not see an answer to your question, we invite you to give us a call to discuss your concerns. Visit our model courts at The Tennis Park at Whispering Oaks, 11515 Whisper Forest, San Antonio, TX 78230.

What does building a court in my backyard entail?
First, we visit the proposed site to evaluate the terrain, yard access, easements, etc. and determine our best recommendations for your court. Although it can be a bit more involved in some cases, typically we build a concrete slab, and then install the court components and flooring. In just a short time, your new court is ready for play!
What size outdoor courts do you build?

We install custom courts to fit a variety of yard sizes, playground areas, or commercial spaces. There are numerous sizes, configurations, and options that a completed court could include. Our basketball courts can be built for full or half-court play and there are also options for 3-on-3 play that can be accommodated in smaller spaces. If a standard size tennis court (60’ x 120’) is too large for your yard, check out our Court Builder app for other options.

What are the most common court sizes?

There are a variety of court configurations for different uses. A basketball court can range from a small 25′ x 30′ court all the way up to an 84′ or 94′ x 50′ full court. To have a full 3-point line on a half court set up, you must have at least 44′-45′. A common multi-game court is around a 30′ x 60′, but there are many possible variations of that type of court as well. Take a look at our Gallery of Sport Court designs or play around with our Court Builder app to learn how to create an outdoor court that can accommodate many different kinds of game play.

Do I have space for a tennis court on my property?

A regulation sized tennis court is 60′ by 120′. It is often difficult for homeowners to determine if they have room for a tennis court. Thinking of it in terms of square feet (7,200 sq. ft.) can help you visualize the space needed. We also can install “short court” tennis courts that require less space.

What is a multi-use court?

A multi-game or multi-use court is one that is configured to adapt to a number of different types of games quickly and easily. Many of our clients find this to be an efficient use of their court space. For example, a half-court basketball court can be converted to a pickleball or volleyball court, a short court tennis court, roller hockey field, etc. in a matter of minutes.

Why don’t you list the prices of your courts?

We don’t list our prices because every court is custom and unique, designed specifically for your yard’s terrain and the type of court and components you choose. There are many variables that determine the price of a particular court: your yard’s soil and elevation, court size, configuration, and components. Each can cause the cost of a court to vary quite significantly. A brief consultation and visit to the site will allow us to provide an estimate. Just give us a call! (210) 496-3399

Do you offer other services to enhance my family’s backyard?

We can provide a number of backyard play choices for the entire family to enjoy. Batting cages, volleyball and badminton nets, and backboards are all within our expertise. We also install indoor gym and fitness center floors and even garage flooring.

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