Building a tennis court that is durable and withstands Texas’s hot climate and South Texas’s shifting soil takes experience and quality materials. Grand Slam Courts delivers both.

You don’t have to have an extensive tennis playing background to build a high quality tennis court, but it certainly doesn’t hurt. As former competitive tennis players, the owners of Grand Slam Courts know how a tennis court should play. We also know how to properly build them.

We combine post-tension construction techniques with the latest innovations in tennis surfaces to build a tennis court that will be a source of enjoyment for many years. Our courts will not buckle and crack like asphalt-based courts. Rather, our Grand Slam Courts are designed to allow for soil expansion and contraction without crumbling and producing large cracks.

We Can Build a Tennis Court to Meet Your Needs

A standard tennis court measures 60’ x 120’. This size provides plenty of perimeter room for safely playing line shots. However, smaller sizes are available when space is at a premium. Check out our Court Builder app for other options.

If you have a child under age 10, we can stripe a standard tennis court to meet the USTA’s new guidelines for 8 and under and 10 and under play. This is a great way to encourage the younger members of your family to get involved in the sport. They will find it easier to cover the court, and there are also special balls and rackets designed to allow younger players to enjoy the game.

We can provide a court with lights, a backboard, and windscreens, or one with fencing alone. Our courts meet the needs of beginners and competitive players alike.

Want to Improve Your Tennis Game?

Buy a tennis court from Grand Slam Courts, and we’ll give you a Sports Fun Pack with a variety of sports equipment valued at $400. It’s a great way to improve your game—and your overall health. Contact us today to see our demonstration courts and get a quote for your court construction project.
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