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San Antonio’s Outdoor Basketball Court Building Specialists

Grand Slam Courts is San Antonio’s leader in outdoor basketball court construction. We offer the highest quality SnapSports brand materials, and the most experienced team of installation professionals.

Having your own basketball court is a great choice to promote an active, healthy lifestyle. And since most courts can be completed in 3-6 weeks, depending upon the size and yard circumstances, you won’t have to wait long to start playing.

Basketball Court Designs for Residential and Commercial Use

We build basketball courts for homeowners, churches, schools, community organizations, and developers in many different configurations and designs. Every court we build is unique and custom to each client’s needs and desires. Among the design options are:

For 3 on 3 Play: A 27’ x 30’ or 27’ x 35’ court would be perfect for this, and would accommodate a smaller yard and budget.

For 3 on 3 Play With the High School or Collegiate 3-Point Line: 27’ x 45’ or 30’ x 55’ would allow the full 3-point line to be available for play.

For Half Court Play: 42’ x 50’ are the standard dimensions for a half-court design.

For Full-Court Play: If you have a small space, but want two opposing baskets for competitive play, choose the 45’ x 60’ or 70’ court. For a really strenuous workout running full court, choose either the 50’ x 84’ or the 60’ x 120’. The latter also will do double-duty for tennis play. Other sizes are also available. The pros play on a 50’ x 94’ court.

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All Grand Slam Courts are constructed of quality materials engineered, developed, and manufactured in the USA by SnapSports for safety and durability. To see all of the most popular basketball court designs, visit the Court Builder app. We also sell top-quality goals, lights, fencing and more.

For a quote on the basketball court that best meets your needs and available space, contact Grand Slam Courts. When you contract with us within 2 weeks of our quote, we will reduce the cost of your court by $500. The best-selling, value-priced courts from Grand Slam Courts become an even greater deal with this special offer.

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Enjoy a $500 discount on the cost of your court when you contract with Grand Slam Courts within 2 weeks of our quote.

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