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What Do You Know About Roger Federer?


Roger Federer has retired from tennis at age 41 after an amazing 24-year career as a professional in the sport. He has been called by many the greatest tennis player of all time. What do you know about Roger Federer? Test your knowledge of this tennis great with the 10 questions below. Scroll down to see answers to questions that have you stumped.

Question #1: In what country was Federer born?

Question #2: How old was Federer when he won his first Grand Slam singles title?

Question #3: Who has been Federer’s greatest rival during his career? Nadal or Djokovic?

Question #4: How many Grand Slam singles titles has Federer won?

Question #5: How old was Federer when he won his last major men’s singles title?

Question #6: What sports did Federer grow up playing?

Question #7: Federer’s last tournament was the Laver Cup. What is the significance of that competition for Federer?

Question #8: What is Federer’s nickname on the tour?

Question #9: What was Roger Federer’s best professional year?

Question #10: Is Federer married? Does he have children?


Answer #1:  Federer was born in Switzerland, and now lives in a beautiful home overlooking Lake Zurich in his native country.

Answer #2: He was 21 years old in 2003, when he won Wimbledon for the first time. Prior to that, he had won matches in other tournaments against champions like Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras. In 2003, he defeated Andy Roddick in the Wimbledon semis and Mark Philippoussis in the finals.

Answer #3: All three players have had amazing, long, and successful careers. Federer has matched up with Nadal, perhaps his best friend on the tour, 40 times. Federer has the winning edge on grass and hard courts, while Nadal has won more matches on clay. Against Djokovic, whom he has played 50 times, Federer has won 23 matches to Djokovic’s 27. The are tied on clay, but Djokovic has dominated on grass and hard courts.

Answer #4: He has won 20 Grand Slam singles championships, including a record 8 men’s singles titles at Wimbledon. He played in 31 Grand Slam singles finals, finishing in second place 11 times.

Answer #5: He won his last major tournament in 2018, the Australian Open. At the time he was the oldest player ever to be ranked #1 at age 36.

Answer #6: As a youth, Federer was a good soccer player, and played badminton and basketball. He started playing tennis at a very early age.

Answer #7: The Laver Cup is named for Australian tennis great Rod Laver, and Federer is among the founders of this tournament. The Laver Cup debuted in 2017, and pits European players against the rest of the world.

Answer #8: Roger Federer has several nicknames. He is often called the “Federer Express,” sometimes shortened to “Fed Express” or “FedEx.” Because of his graceful moves on the court, he is sometimes referred to as the “Swiss Maestro.”

Answer #9: In 2006, ranked Federer’s performance for the year as surpassed only by Rod Laver’s Grand Slam year of 1969. In 2006 he won 12 singles titles, and had a match record of 93 wins, 5 losses. He reached the finals in 16 out of 17 tournaments he entered. His 2007 season wasn’t bad either. That year, he reached the men’s singles final in all four Grand Slam tournaments.

Answer #10: Federer has been married to Miraslava “Mirka” Vavrinec Federer, a former Women’s Tennis Association player, since 2009. The couple has two sets of twins, the first identical twin girls born in 2009 and the second fraternal twin boys born in 2014. Federer’s older sister, Diana, is also the mother of twins.

Click through to our Facebook page here to see a video retrospective of Federer's professional career.

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Pickleball Training--Improve Your Game

Sport Court has teamed up with @SportsEdTV to bring pickleball training videos to our customers.

View these short videos to learn how to dink, how to serve, how to make cross-court shots, and how to change your grip to make a variety of shots. And more.

Here are the first couple. Watch Facebook and Instagram for more in this series

Dinking Attack

How to Serve

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A Portable Backyard Court? Yes, You Heard Right!


A Sport Court™, whether a basketball court, a pickleball court or a court designed for multiple games, is an investment in family fun, fitness, and togetherness. A place for multi-generational competition and physical activity, a backyard court is also a financial investment.

What if you could pack up your backyard court and take it with you if you decided to move? Would a court have even greater allure? And would it seem like a better investment?

The Sport Base™ Performance Surface from Sport Court is exactly that portable. And yet it is also an eco-friendly court foundation that eliminates the need for heavy equipment, excavation, and concrete. When Sport Base forms the foundation of your court, water not only drains through the Sport Court modular tile surface, but through the pervious base, as well.

Sport Base provides 2-3 times greater shock absorption than any other outdoor court system and has the highest head-impact rating to help protect against injuries from falls. Nevertheless, we think you will find that Sport Base, combined with any of the Sport Court modular surfaces, provides outstanding and consistent ball bounce.  

Sport Base makes Sport Courts portable to a new home across town or across the country. So, the prospect of a future change of location need not prevent you from owning a Sport Court in your backyard and starting to enjoy it soon.

To learn more, download the Sport Base brochure here. The manufacturer’s spec sheet can be downloaded here

Don’t let an uncertain future spoil your family’s fun. Give Grand Slam Courts a call today.


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3 Benefits of Playing Sports for Kids


Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine reports that out of 14,000 high school athletes, the ones who regularly played sports were less likely to use drugs.

The National Household Survey of Drug Abuse found that students who played sports were less likely to have smoked cigarettes or used drugs and were more likely to disapprove of others using them.

The Women’s Sports Foundation has stated that female high school athletes are 80% less likely to become pregnant than non-athletes.


Studies of children in Colorado, Wyoming and Iowa found that playing sports can increase success in the classroom. These studies showed that athletes have higher grade point averages, higher standardized test scores, better attendance records, lower dropout rates, and are more likely to go to college.


A survey of individuals who are Executive Vice Presidents of 75 Fortune 500 companies showed that 95% of them played sports in high school.

Playing sports may not guarantee higher incomes, and executive level jobs. But sports can prepare children for the leadership and team work skills, work ethic and determination that are needed to be leaders in the business world and in our communities.


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Live Like the Stars!

George Strait recently put his mansion in the Dominion up for sale. The adobe-style home has almost 8,000 sq. ft. of living space and sits on 12 acres. The outdoor living areas feature an infinity pool, outdoor kitchen—and a Sport Court! If you have a few extra million, you can buy it. Or, give us a call and for a lot less Grand Slam Courts can put a new Sport Court in your backyard. You don’t have to be the King of Country to have the best outdoor play area money can buy. Call us at (210) 496-3399 to get a quote. There are lots of options available and you don’t need a 12-acre yard to have a Sport Court.
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Why Choose Sport Court for Your Backyard

JC Baker, entrepreneur and former professional football running back, tells why he chose Sport Court. And how his Sport Court now benefits his family and his community.


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5 Things a Backyard Court Teaches Your Kids


There is a general agreement that sports offer a great opportunity to teach kids important lessons. Having a backyard court means that the classroom to teach your children is much closer. Here are 5 things we think every child should learn that are enhanced by having a home court.

1. The Benefits of Physical Exercise--After just a few weeks of outdoor play, even your kids are likely to realize that they are getting stronger, quicker, and healthier. If all they do is sit indoors in front of a screen, they can't experience that.

2. The Fun of Competition--The world is a competitive place. Letting young people learn how to deal with competitive situations, and with both winning and losing, while in their own backyard is a great way to help them develop a healthy attitude about competition.

3. The Importance of Teamwork--Playing basketball, volleyball or doubles tennis helps kids learn how to work with others toward a goal.

4. The Value of Hard Work--Kids often idolize sports celebrities, but do not have a good sense of the amount of hard work it takes to develop professional-level skills and physical strength. Giving them an arena to work on developing their skills and talents for a sport is a great way to help them experience what real dedication looks like.

5. The Impact of Parental Guidance--There is no better place for parents and kids to experience bonding time than on the court. Kids learn to trust their parents' judgement and guidance in an atmosphere that is enjoyable and fund for all. It is a great way to teach concepts like honesty, sportsmanship, and responsibility.

Make sure your children have an opportunity to learn these important lessons. Let Grand Slam Courts install a court in your backyard. Call for a quote and to set a time to visit one of our demo courts here.


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