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Who Are Your Top Spurs Players of All Time?


With the Spurs entering the “play-in” tonight, it seems appropriate to take a look at the Spurs players who have made the greatest impact to the team and professional basketball over the years. No matter the outcome of the play-in games, the Spurs have had the highest win percentage in the NBA since the team entered the league.

Few would quibble about putting Tim Duncan at the top of the list, with David Robinson at #2. But what about players like Patty Mills, Avery Johnson, Kawhi Leonard, Derrick White, Sean Elliott, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili? Or the old timers like Dennis Rodman, Alvin Robertson, James Silas, and Johnny Moore? Or the first real Spurs star, George Gervin?

If you had to choose 30 former Spurs players and line them up according to their contribution to the team, could you do it? And, how would you score them?

Air Alamo has done just that. Their post title “The Top 30 San Antonio Spurs Players of All Time” gives the stats for the players chosen and the author’s reasoning for his line-up. Check it out using this link. Then let us know if you disagree with him.

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