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Do You Love Soccer? Try Futsal!

pop-box-soccer Futsal

Soccer is a very popular sport in San Antonio and South Texas. Thousands of kids play--from beginner YMCA teams to competitive club soccer. There are also many leagues for adults. One of the best ways to improve soccer skills is futsal.

In northern climes, futsal is often an indoor game played during the winter off-season. But in Texas, futsal can easily be played outdoors all year round. The video here shows how Oklahoma City has invested in 16 futsal courts to encourage youth sport and fitness.

How does futsal differ from soccer? And how does that make it an especially good addition to your backyard?

Futsal is typically played 5 on 5. It is usually played on a hard court called a mini pitch that is slightly smaller than a basketball court. A Sport Court surface is perfect! Futsal balls and goals are both somewhat smaller than those used in soccer.

Because it is played on a hard surface, futsal is a fast-paced game. Because it is played on a smaller court instead of a large, grassy soccer field, foot speed and ball-control skill get significant practice and are the key to futsal success.

Many soccer players are also futsal players. They credit futsal for their success in soccer because their futsal play has helped them develop skill in winning in those close one-on-one matchups during a game.

The other benefit of futsal play is the promotion of fitness—especially cardiovascular fitness. Those who play both soccer and futsal admit that in the typical soccer game, players are only engaged about 5-10% of the time. You can’t stand around in futsal! The field of play is too small and the ball is moving too fast!

Futsal is a great addition to a multi-sport Sport Court. Get a quote today on a court that combines basketball, futsal and pickleball. Play hoops, mini soccer, and a racquet sport on the same court. You will be the envy of the neighborhood!

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