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Major League Pickleball Takes a Bow


Pickleball has gone big league! Wednesday, May 25, Major League Pickleball (MLP) rang the bell on the New York Stock Exchange as it kicked off draft season for the new league. To make an even bigger splash, MLP brought several of its best players to New York to play an exhibition game in the NYSE Boardroom.

The league kicked off its first season earlier this month with a 3-day competition at Dreamland in Dripping Springs, Texas. Soon the league hopes that fans will be able to regularly follow their favorite teams through TV broadcasts.

Major League Pickleball includes 12 teams, 48 players, and a total prize pool of more than $750,000 for the season winners. Each team is composed of four players—two men and two women.

Matches consist of women’s doubles, men’s doubles, and two mixed doubles games. If two teams are tied after these four games, a unique tiebreaker is played, which involves a singles rotational system involving all four of the team’s players.

You can learn more about Major League Pickleball at and by following the league on Facebook at

When you are ready for your own backyard pickleball court, give Grand Slam a call to learn more about Sport Court’s exclusive SportGame PB surface. SportGame PB is a sport surface designed to last for more than 15 years that is specially engineered for recreational and competitive pickleball play. It maximizes safety, reduces the risk of injury, and supports physical play for hours at a time. Choose SportGame PB to provide your family and community a safe surface to enjoy the fastest growing sport in the USA!

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Spurs Gear Up for 50-Year Anniversary Celebration


The Spurs’ storied history began on October 10, 1973 in HemisFair Arena with 6,000 fans in attendance, so the franchise will celebrate its 50th anniversary in a little more than a year. The team was the first ABA team to move to the NBA and win a title.

That first game was an ABA match up between the Spurs and the San Diego Conquistadors. Tom Nissalke coached the team and future NBA coach George Karl and James Silas led the team on the court. George Gervin would join the team soon after.

The Spurs organization have unveiled a new logo commemorating the 50th anniversary in a video on Twitter. The organization says the new logo will be used prominently in the coming seasons.

The new black, gold, and silver logo features the number 50 surrounded by the familiar spur graphic. It includes a banner at the top with the words “Established in 1973” and one at the bottom with five stars signifying the 5 NBA Championships the team has won.

Many Spurs fans commented on Twitter that it seemed appropriate that the logo featured the number 50 prominently, since it represents both the anniversary, and the jersey number of David Robinson, the team’s first NBA MVP.

View the organization’s retrospective video in which the new logo was unveiled here:

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Who Are Your Top Spurs Players of All Time?


With the Spurs entering the “play-in” tonight, it seems appropriate to take a look at the Spurs players who have made the greatest impact to the team and professional basketball over the years. No matter the outcome of the play-in games, the Spurs have had the highest win percentage in the NBA since the team entered the league.

Few would quibble about putting Tim Duncan at the top of the list, with David Robinson at #2. But what about players like Patty Mills, Avery Johnson, Kawhi Leonard, Derrick White, Sean Elliott, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili? Or the old timers like Dennis Rodman, Alvin Robertson, James Silas, and Johnny Moore? Or the first real Spurs star, George Gervin?

If you had to choose 30 former Spurs players and line them up according to their contribution to the team, could you do it? And, how would you score them?

Air Alamo has done just that. Their post title “The Top 30 San Antonio Spurs Players of All Time” gives the stats for the players chosen and the author’s reasoning for his line-up. Check it out using this link. Then let us know if you disagree with him.

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Local Boy is a Rising Star in Professional Pickleball


Wyatt Stone will celebrate his 17th birthday next month. In three years, he has gone from a beginner player who first picked up the sport at the New Braunfels Das Rec to setting his sites on a spot among the top 10 professional players in the US.

Wyatt is a young man whose aspirations for pickleball greatness, we are proud to say, are supported by a sponsorship from Sport Court Texas.

Wyatt says that even though tournaments are played largely on concrete surfaced courts, he likes Sport Court’s SportGame PB surface, designed specifically for pickleball play. “I like the surface a lot,” he said. He added that before he played on the surface, he expected the ball to slide or "skip" more.

“But that really didn’t happen,” he said. “It is a great surface for backyard play for beginner and intermediate players. It is lots easier on the body than concrete.”

Keeping injuries and stress on the body at a minimum is important for Wyatt. His schedule is grueling. He practices 4-6 days a week with players of similar skills, as well as working on physical conditioning and general fitness daily. He is homeschooled, which allows him greater flexibility for travel to tournaments.

Last year, he competed in Professional Pickleball Association tournaments including the Orange County Cup in California, the Rocky Mountain Championships in Denver, the Texas Open, Pickleball Hall of Fame, Major League Pickleball Festival, and Aggieland Tournaments in Texas, the Palm Desert Amateur Open and PPA Masters in California.

All told, he played in 18 tournaments and won a total of 31 medals in singles and doubles play. He has reached the 5.0 skill level and has a goal to play exclusively in pro tournaments this year. In 2022, his schedule includes 20 tournaments.

Wyatt’s mom, Ashley, says that Wyatt has benefited in many ways from his involvement in pickleball. For one thing, he has made many friends among the players. “The pickleball community is almost a family, “ Ashley said.

Wyatt’s busy schedule also helps him learn time management skills. Ashley said he is very self-motivated and dedicated to the sport. Pickleball has also afforded him community service opportunities.

When Wyatt was first getting serious about pickleball, he offered classes in pickleball at the rec center in New Braunfels for other young people. At the time, most of the pickleball players were middle-aged or retired adults. So, he taught pickleball classes to other young people. He now reports that he sometimes sees these previous students at tournaments. He also recently had an opportunity to introduce pickleball to kids with disabilities at Wheelchair Camp Extreme.

Pickleball is known as the fastest growing sport in the US. Wyatt has seen that growth first-hand. When he attended his first National Juniors Championship in 2019, there were a total of 41 young competitors. Now there are hundreds that compete at the junior level in the US.

Central Texas is a major hub for pickleball action. Get in on it with a backyard pickleball court from Grand Slam Courts. You can follow Wyatt's progess by visiting his website, or his Instagram page,

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Do You Love Soccer? Try Futsal!

pop-box-soccer Futsal

Soccer is a very popular sport in San Antonio and South Texas. Thousands of kids play--from beginner YMCA teams to competitive club soccer. There are also many leagues for adults. One of the best ways to improve soccer skills is futsal.

In northern climes, futsal is often an indoor game played during the winter off-season. But in Texas, futsal can easily be played outdoors all year round. The video here shows how Oklahoma City has invested in 16 futsal courts to encourage youth sport and fitness.

How does futsal differ from soccer? And how does that make it an especially good addition to your backyard?

Futsal is typically played 5 on 5. It is usually played on a hard court called a mini pitch that is slightly smaller than a basketball court. A Sport Court surface is perfect! Futsal balls and goals are both somewhat smaller than those used in soccer.

Because it is played on a hard surface, futsal is a fast-paced game. Because it is played on a smaller court instead of a large, grassy soccer field, foot speed and ball-control skill get significant practice and are the key to futsal success.

Many soccer players are also futsal players. They credit futsal for their success in soccer because their futsal play has helped them develop skill in winning in those close one-on-one matchups during a game.

The other benefit of futsal play is the promotion of fitness—especially cardiovascular fitness. Those who play both soccer and futsal admit that in the typical soccer game, players are only engaged about 5-10% of the time. You can’t stand around in futsal! The field of play is too small and the ball is moving too fast!

Futsal is a great addition to a multi-sport Sport Court. Get a quote today on a court that combines basketball, futsal and pickleball. Play hoops, mini soccer, and a racquet sport on the same court. You will be the envy of the neighborhood!

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Why Work with a Sport Court CourtBuilder?

Sport Court dealers are experts in outdoor recreational court construction. We know that a Sport Court is an investment in fun and physical fitness. But there are many questions that need to be answered so that each client receives a court that will best serve them.

How Big Should the Court Be?

One of the first questions we will ask is “How do you want to use the court?” Depending upon the sports that you want to play and the area available for the court, we can help you choose the best size for your needs.

Where Should We Put the Court?

There are many variables to consider. Some of these include any slope to the yard and the type of soil there. Also, we will take into consideration sunlight/shade, trees and other vegetation that would affect the playability of a court in a particular area.

Will We Need a Permit or Other Authorization to Build?

Some communities will require a permit for construction. There are also HOAs that may need to sign-off on the addition of a Sport Court to your yard. If so, an authorized Sport Court dealer like Grand Slam Courts will know how to navigate that kind of red tape.

Are There Different Sport Court Surfaces Available?

Yes. Depending upon the sports played on your court, we can recommend the best Sport Court surface to promote safety and playability. For example, Sport Court recently introduced a special surface that is ideal for pickleball play. Pickleball balls are lighter than basketballs. And pickleball courts are smaller, so players need the traction to make quick stops and starts. The new SportGame PB surfacing is the ultimate in pickleball technology. Just ask us, and we can recommend a Sport Court surface that meets your needs and budget.

The video above presents a testimonial from a Sport Court client in Florida. It will give you an idea of how Grand Slam can seamlessly guide you through the decision-making process and deliver a court that your family will enjoy for years to come.

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A New Year’s Resolution: Greater Encouragement for Your Kids


New Years resolutions are a tradition for many adults. They often involve self-improvement like losing weight or enhancing physical fitness. For 2022, consider making a resolution to help your children with issues like that by making a conscious effort to encourage their participation in sports and athletic activity.

Step One: Make Activity Convenient

One of the best ways to start is to make activity convenient—add a Sport CourtTM to the backyard. A backyard Sport Court not only promotes physical activity, it also provides a space for healthy social interaction for your child and his or her friends.

But coaching experts say there are additional ways to encourage kids and help them enjoy sports and physical activity.

Step Two: Provide Encouragement They Appreciate

Many kids do not feel successful when they begin to play a sport. They are not yet quick, strong, or skilled. So, as much as anything, they need emotional support. Some kids will respond to an encouraging word or a hug, and some may find motivation in even a cheap trophy. Spending time with a child and joining them on the court or the field will be the best way a parent can encourage others.

As children’s athletic skills develop, other techniques come into play. Experts suggest that parents talk to their children about what motivates them. Do they enjoy competition? The friendships they have formed on the field of play? A sense of accomplishment? Once you have identified what motivates your child, you may be able to guide them in ways that bring them greater satisfaction through sport.

Step Three: Point Out Specific Traits of Those Who Achieve Success

Another technique is to help them identify a sports “hero,” and point out ways in which they can emulate that sports star. Use the sports hero’s demonstration of discipline and dedication to practice and fitness to encourage the same in your child. These are important characteristics for everyone—whether they become a doctor, lawyer, electrician, computer programmer, teacher, or professional athlete.

As a child matures and develops athletically, the ways in which a parent can support their growth and achievement changes. But, the Sport Court in the backyard will still be the centerpiece of how your whole family can develop better fitness, athletic skill, and togetherness. If you don’t already have a Sport Court, give Grand Slam Courts a call. Let us build a court that will provide fun for years to come.

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The Top 10 Participant Sports Worldwide


How Many Do You Play?

In the US, most would be able to name football, baseball and basketball as the most popular sports among viewers.

But, take the view outside of the US, and consider participant sports. What tops the popularity list then? You may be surprised how many of them are court-based games.

Here are the Top 10 according to research by

#1 Soccer/Football—It is estimated that 265 million people participate in soccer competition. There are more than 5 million referees alone!

#2 Badminton—This one probably surprises you. It is especially popular in Asia, and 220 million people regularly participate in the sport.

#3 Field Hockey—Field hockey is a fast-paced sport that is played in 100 countries on 5 continents.

#4 Volleyball—Since it originated in America, we are more familiar with this sport. But, it has caught on and there are now 220 registered national federations across the globe.

#5 Basketball—From its American roots, basketball is now played in countries around the world.

#6 Tennis—Tennis is widely recognized as the most popular individual sport in the world. It is estimated that there are 60 million men and women who play it regularly. The doubles version is popular enough on its own to be #10 on this list.

#7 Cricket—We aren’t talking about bugs. Cricket is especially popular in the UK, Australia, Pakistan, India, and South Africa, but it is played in a total of 125 countries.

#8 Table Tennis—This indoor sport may not have as many international organizations behind it, but it is played across the globe in a variety of environments, including schools, social clubs, bars, and rec centers.

#9 Baseball—Another American invention, we are now sharing America’s pastime with 125 other nations.

#10 Golf—60 million people around the world play golf or visit a driving range at least once every year.

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How Much Fun Do You Have Space For?


The vast majority of Grand Slam clients come to us questioning whether they have room in their backyard to accommodate a court. We’d like to assure you that you probably do!

Courts that combine pickleball and basketball play are the most popular choice today, and some clients choose to add volleyball, shuffleboard or batting cages. Those with enough space for a regulation tennis court can accommodate a full basketball court, as well. If you have an idea for a multi-game court, we will work with you to make it possible.

Most do not opt for a full court basketball design or a regulation-size tennis court. A basketball court with a single goal and complete three-point line is large enough to accommodate a pickleball court. By being creative, we can offer clients options that may not be regulation-size but will provide plenty of space for competitive play.

Here are some examples of courts that Grand Slam has built in the South Texas area and the dimensions of each. Notice the lines on the courts to see the games each court is designed for. To get a customized plan and quote for your backyard court, give Grand Slam Courts a call at 210-496-3399 or use the form here to inquire.

b2ap3 large 20x28 abbreviated half court in North SA Tx.1

20x28 Abbreviated Half Court (Basketball Only)

24x40 multi use court in Shavano Park2

24x40 Multi-Sport Court (Basketball & Volleyball)

30x45 multi use court in NW SA Tx.3

30x45 Multi-Sport Court (Basketball & Pickleball)

30x50 multi use sport court in SW San Antonio 4

30x60 Multi-Sport Court (Pickleball & Basketball)

35x60 multi use Sport Court in Blanco5

35x60 Multi-Sport Court (Pickleball & Basketball)

45x62 mini full court for Northside SA Tx. HOA6

45x62 Mini Full-Court (Basketball Only)

40x70 multi use court in Seguin Tx.8

40x70 Multi-Sport Court (Basketball, Volleyball & Pickleball)

42x70 basketball court near Boerne Tx.7

42x70 Full Court Basketball (Basketball Only)

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Stay Healthy With Regular Exercise in Your Backyard


As it becomes more and more clear that COVID-19 is likely to stick around for a while, many people are looking to protect themselves by leading a healthier lifestyle. Good nutrition, refraining from smoking and too much alcohol are important elements. But so is regular exercise—and there’s no better way to ensure that it is easy and convenient to exercise than having your own backyard court from Grand Slam Courts.

How does regular exercise promote good health? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) identifies five benefits:

  1. Immediate Benefits: Mental and emotional health is improved. Children experience improved cognition and adults can reduce anxiety and depression. Better sleep, which promotes both mental and emotional health, is another benefit.
  2. Weight Management: Someone who exercises regularly has an easier time maintaining their weight within a healthy range.
  3. Reduce the Risk of Chronic Disease: Cardiovascular disease and diabetes can both be kept at bay through a regular exercise regimen. The CDC also suggests that the risk of several common cancers, like those of the lung, colon, breast and bladder, is lessened through regular exercise.
  4. Strengthen Bones and Muscles: By improving the strength of bones and muscles, the risk of broken bones and falls is decreased. Physical activity is beneficial for those with arthritis and can slow the progression of osteoporosis. It can generally improve your life and lifestyle as you age.
  5. Longer Life: For many, avoiding chronic illnesses, a sedentary lifestyle, and obesity is enough lead to a longer, better life.

To read what the CDC says, visit the agency’s website here.

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Back to School! Back to Sports!


With kids going back to school now, many of them are also going back to participation in a variety of team and individual sports. Sports practice does potentially take time away from academics, but there are many advantages to building skill in a sport. That’s why Grand Slam Sports is proud of the work we have done for many families and communities to promote physical activity and athletics.

Obviously, participation in sports helps maintain a healthy body. It can also help reduce stress and improve sleep and mental health.

Team sports are a great way to strengthen friendships and learn leadership skills. Athletes often develop greater self-confidence and self-control. Many student athletes learn the discipline needed to successfully balance both academics and athletics. One could ask whether these students would achieve any of these benefits without their participation in sports.

Studies have demonstrated that physically active people are not only healthier but also perform better on tests of cerebral or intellectual ability. Most studies show that the more exercise a student gets, the greater their academic performance can become.

The British universities of Strathclyde and Dundee published a longitudinal study conducted among 5,000 children and adolescents. The study found strong links between exercise and exam success in English, math, and science. The increase in academic performance was estimated to start after 17 minutes of exercise for boys. And in the case of girls, the increase was detected after 12 minutes. Overall, children who exercise regularly are proven to be more academically inclined between the ages of 11 to 16.

Dr. Josie Booth of Dundee University explained: “Physical activity is more than just important for your physical health. There are other benefits and that is something that should be especially important to parents, policy-makers, and people involved in education.”

So, if your children live for school only because they enjoy recess and participating in sports, don’t worry. Physical activity is good for them! Make sure they spend time on your backyard Sport Court. Or give us a call to have a Sport Court installed in your backyard.

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Meet Wyatt Stone—Young Pickleball Champ Sponsored by Sport Court Texas


Wyatt Stone had played all of the usual sports as a youth—baseball, basketball, football, and lacrosse. He had never played a racquet sport. But, a few years ago, he started to play pickleball at the local rec center courts in New Braunfels. Within weeks, he was hooked. Pickleball was his sport. Now he hopes to become a professional pickleball athlete. Although he is just 15, he is well on his way. In his latest accomplishment, he has also gained a sponsorship from Sport Court Texas.

After winning 3 medals in his first tournament in Oklahoma in 2019, Wyatt has earned more than 30 medals in junior tournaments and is beginning to compete at the adult level. He was the 2019 USAPA Junior National Singles Champion.

“There aren’t many sports that a 15-year-old kid can play with his 80-year-old grandfather, but pickleball is one,” Wyatt said.

Wyatt StoneAnd yet, Wyatt’s greatest desire is to get more young people involved in the sport. He admits that many think of pickleball as a sport for older folks.

“But whenever I have put a racquet in a young person’s hand, they have loved it,” he said. He and his coach organized a clinic to introduce the sport to youth in the New Braunfels area, and he said that all of the kids were leaving with pickleball racquets at the top of their Christmas list.

Wyatt is an IPTPA Certified Level 2 pickleball instructor. He says he typically puts in 30 hours of practice a week. He also has regular workouts with his coach, Matt Laz, a master teaching professional from Horseshoe Bay.

Wyatt is a member of the Pickleball Rocks Team, and has been named their National Junior Player Development Manager, which gives him responsibility for growing the sport among youth nationwide.

Said Pickleball Rocks CEO Rodney “Rocket” Grubbs, “This is an exciting time for the sport of pickleball.  So many great things are going on at both the pro level and the amateur level.  And now with the addition of Wyatt, we have just greatly increased our ability to help the sport of pickleball grow at the youth level. Wyatt already has a great reputation for being not only a very good young player, but for being a great advocate for players of all ages and skill levels. There are kids across the country who are just waiting to be invited to try pickleball and Wyatt will find them and get them on the courts.  I see him leading an amazing youth movement, and he will be great at it.  We are so happy to have him on our Pickleball Rocks Team.” 

In his association with Sport Court Texas, Wyatt will have an opportunity to advocate for Sport Court’s new SportGame PB product, a technological improvement in the typical acrylic pickleball surface. Like other Sport Court tile surfaces, it is designed to provide better shock absorption and lateral forgiveness to be easier on joints and prevent many injuries. It also provides years of play with little maintenance. But, the SportGame PB surface is also specially engineered for better pickleball bounce and traction.

Follow Wyatt in his quest for pickleball success on his Facebook page   and his website,

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Choose Safety, Comfort and Durability for Your Pickleball Surface


Pickleball is the newest court craze! A fun game. Fast. Yet easy to learn and improve quickly. Pickleball is also perhaps the ultimate court game that can be played by all ages.

Because the court is smaller than a tennis court and the balls and racquets are lighter, pickleball can be enjoyed by young kids as well as their grandparents. The smaller court size also makes a pickleball court a great combination with an abbreviated basketball court for backyard play.

Pickleball is traditionally played on a hard surface like a tennis court. But, that surface can be slippery and when a player falls, injuries are almost certain. If a backyard pickleball court is being used by both young and old, the new Sport Game PB by Sport Court is a better choice for several reasons. It provides better traction to prevent falls. Even when wet, water drains away from the surface to prevent slipperiness. Sport Court’s patented “lateral forgiveness” reduces joint and muscle strain when stretching to return balls. Additionally, the surface is designed to reduce court heat and is guaranteed for 15 years.

Pickleball is a great multi-generational game. It is fun for beginners and many adults have become addicted to the fast pace and competitive aspects of the game. You can watch professional pickleball tournaments on YouTube.

To see pickleball played live in San Antonio visit the San Antonio Sports and Social Club and Chicken N Pickle. No matter the time of day, you are likely to see pickleball play there. More information about the San Antonio pickleball community can be found at the San Antonio Pickleball page on Facebook.

When you are ready for your own backyard court, contact us at Grand Slam Courts. We can design and build a court for the space in your backyard, and show you how to expand the recreational opportunities of your court with basketball and hockey goals and volleyball nets. Call us at 210-496-3399 to make an appointment for us to visit your home and give you a quote.

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Questions to Ask When Contracting for a Backyard Court


The team at Grand Slam Courts has built more than 450 courts in the San Antonio area over our 15 years in business. We have met with thousands of people about building basketball courts, tennis courts, pickleball courts, and multi-game courts in backyards, community parks, and for churches, hotels, and schools.

We have answered many questions from these clients. Here are some you may not have thought of:             

Question: How do I know the best place to build a court?

Answer: That is where our experience can be helpful. There are some rules about where you can’t build a court. For example, most properties are subject to setbacks designated by ordinance or building codes. We are familiar with those in the San Antonio area. The property itself may present some restrictions like large trees, tree roots, and septic tanks. Drainage, slopes, and soil conditions may present other considerations, although these can often be overcome in our construction planning.

Question: What are the most popular courts you build now?

Answer: A very popular combination now is an abbreviated basketball court combined with a pickleball court. Basketball courts have always been the most popular choice in South Texas, and it is easy to add lines and a pickleball net, so the courts also offer racquet game play.

Question: How can I make my investment in a backyard court more valuable?

Answer: There are several possible answers to this question, depending upon the client’s desires. Making the court into a multi-game play space is one answer. Another is adding lights, so play can continue after dark. Extending play beyond the hottest hours of the day in Texas is an obvious way to encourage greater usage of the court. Another option is to make the new court part of an overall landscaping improvement project, which can be expected to improve resale value of the home.

Question: Do Sport Court surfaces require lots of maintenance?

Answer: No! That is one of the top selling points for a Sport Court surface. Most other courts are built on a concrete subfloor to which an acrylic surface very much like acrylic paint is applied. This surface must be reapplied every couple of years (depending upon the amount of use the court receives). If these courts are not resurfaced, they become slippery and unsafe for play.

Generally, Sport Court surfaces are maintenance-free. An occasional power wash is usually all that is needed. If a tile is damaged, it can be replaced easily without resurfacing the entire court.

Question: What are the other aspects of the Sport Court surface that make it superior to other options?

Answer: There are many. Sport Court-branded surfaces are highly engineered for safety. Over more than 40 years, Sport Court has developed a unique surface through testing and research. The surface is designed to provide “give” so there are fewer injuries and less-severe injuries. Sport Court surfaces “float,” so water drains, keeping the playing area drier and less slippery. Sport Court surfaces are durable. We know of cases where a Sport Court has served multiple generations of players.

Finally, Sport Court is only installed by authorized and factory-trained dealers like Grand Slam Courts in San Antonio. This ensures that the court is constructed and installed exactly the way that the manufacturer intended for the greatest safety and durability.

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Building a Legacy Dream Court for the Boys and Girls Club


Grand Slam Courts is proud to have built its second NCAA Legacy Court in San Antonio. The latest court was unveiled April 1 at the East Side Clubhouse of the Boys and Girls Club on Martin Luther King Drive.

The project was funded with contributions primarily from the NCAA, Nancy Lieberman Charities, the Santikos Foundation and San Antonio Sports.

Each year, the NCAA leaves behind Legacy Courts in the cities that host the Men’s and Women’s Final Four. In 2018, the NCAA’s Legacy Court for the Men’s Finals was built by Grand Slam Courts at the Higgs Carter King Gifted and Talented Academy on San Antonio’s West Side. Grand Slam Courts was chosen to build the Legacy Court commemorating the Women’s Final Four this year.

“Because Nancy Lieberman Charities joined forces with the NCAA for this latest project, the court at the East Side Clubhouse is called a Nancy Lieberman ‘Dream Court.’ That organization, founded by WNBA Hall of Famer Nancy Lieberman, has built basketball courts for disadvantaged communities all over the nation,” explained Brent Poss, the owner of Grand Slam Courts.

“Nancy Lieberman herself said she thought the Sport Court that Grand Slam built was the most beautiful transformation she had seen among all of those courts her charity has funded,” he added.

The new court replaces two asphalt tennis courts that Poss said probably had not been used in years. “The asphalt surface was crumbling, and did not provide a safe place for play,” he said.

Now the Boys and Girls Club and the surrounding community can enjoy playing on a beautiful Sport Court surrounded by artificial turf and a fence. A group of children served by the Boys and Girls Club put their mark on the new play area by adding their handprints to a mural attached to the fence.

The group behind the project began talks with Poss and the Grand Slam Courts team in October of last year, Poss said. “We knew that with the restrictions surrounding COVID-19, we might have to be flexible and ready to complete the project quickly. With the NCAA deciding to hold the entire tournament in San Antonio and Central Texas only in early February, that gave us the go-ahead to begin construction. We had no problem completing the project in time for the Grand Opening April 1.”

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Choose a Locally-Based Court Builder with a Superior Product


Grand Slam Courts is a locally-owned and operated court builder that installs the most popular modular court system in the US—the Sport CourtTM brand. We think that adds up to a trouble-free building process and superior court surface for our clients.

Brent Poss, the owner of Grand Slam Courts in San Antonio, has been in the court-building business for almost 15 years. His passion is giving San Antonio area families, businesses, and communities durable courts that encourage fitness, fun and competition.

Building a court for a backyard or a public area is not just a matter of laying down some concrete and painting some lines on it. That kind of court construction results in a playing surface that will soon be dangerously cracked and an eyesore.

The Grand Slam Courts team of court builders is factory trained, licensed, insured, and ready to provide you with the customer service and expertise that is synonymous with Sport Court.

To get started, contact Grand Slam Courts using our Request a Quote form. We will schedule a time to visit your location and offer guidance on the best place to build the court and the sizes that could be accommodated by the space available. You tell us the games you want to play on the court, and we will come up with a plan to maximize your fun.

Once the client’s decisions are made, we will take care of getting any permits needed and schedule a time to begin construction. In creating the plan for construction, we take into consideration any drainage issues, slope, and the likelihood of the soil shifting. We will construct the subfloor based upon the size of the court, its use, and the requirements of the space. Then the Sport Court surface is applied, and goals, nets, and lines are added. We can also bring in landscape experts, so the court is integrated into the overall design of the space.

One of the most important services Grand Slam Courts offers is service after the sale. Although Sport Court surfaces are extremely durable, court maintenance is sometimes needed. Grand Slam Courts’ long history in the San Antonio area means that you can count on its team to be available when you need help—whether next year or ten years from now.

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How Much Fun Can You Have in Your Backyard?


Sometimes the measure of how much fun is possible IS based upon the size of the backyard. Grand Slam Courts builds a variety of courts. Single game courts for basketball, tennis or pickleball. Or, multi-game courts that offer a combination of these three with options for volleyball, badminton, roller hockey, futsal, shuffleboard and four square. It all depends upon the size of the backyard and the court chosen.

For example, a full-sized tennis court, which is generally at least 120’ x 60’, can also accommodate an NBA or college regulation-sized basketball court, pickleball, and more.

If you choose an NBA/college regulation-sized basketball court (94’ x 50’) or a high school-sized court (84’ x 50’), you can also have a pickleball court, badminton, volleyball, shuffleboard and roller hockey.

Choose a regulation-sized pickleball court (44’ x 20’) and you can also play badminton and add a basketball goal. Or increase the court’s width from 20’ to 50’ and you can have both pickleball and a half-court basketball court with full width three-point shot lines.

There are smaller courts for basketball play, of course. Take a look at the Sport Court Court Builder App and you will find options for courts as small as 30’ x 30’.

Add LED lighting, and play can be extended long into the night.

Even if you have the overall space for a larger court, you may think that the terrain prohibits building the court of your dreams. Give Grand Slam Courts a call. We will visit your property and give you options that help you make the most of the square footage and terrain.

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A Durable Court for Multi-Generational Play


A Janesville, Wisconsin family installed a Sport Court basketball court in their backyard back in 2003, when their oldest son was in high school. Now, almost 20 years later, the boys have left home, but the court continues to offer fun and fitness to new generations of basketball players.

“I’ve let everyone know it’s a park, and anyone is welcome to use it at any time. I’ve got a little mini fridge with water and ice pops for them, and there’s kids there all summer long just playing,” said homeowner Barry Badertscher.

Barry played hoops with his sons Cy, Chance and Cade when they were in public school in Janesville. The court was a big upgrade from the driveway hoop they had played on previously. Recently LED lighting was added, so the neighborhood kids can continue play after dark.

Although there are no grandchildren yet, the Badertscher family has fun times waiting for the next generation right in their backyard. The durability of the Sport Court surface ensures that a backyard Sport Court will last for years with little maintenance. Get a quote on a Sport Court for your backyard or community recreation area here.

See the entire story about the Badertscher’s court in the Janesville GazetteXtra here.

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New Pickleball Surface from SportCourt


Sport Court Introduces a New Surface Designed for Pickleball Play

Sport Court just introduced SportGame PB, the company’s newest sport surface specifically engineered for pickleball. The new surface is designed to last more than 15 years with little or no maintenance. Both recreational and serious competitors will enjoy playing on SportGame PB. Like all SportCourt surfaces, it maximizes safety and reduces the risk of injury.

Best of all, even though this new surface is engineered for pickleball, it is equally appropriate for basketball play. So, those who wish can opt for a multi-game court. Combining pickleball with a large half-court basketball court is one of the most popular choices that Grand Slam’s clients have made in the past year.

Pickleball continues to grow in popularity. It is a great game for all ages. The racquets are smaller and lighter than tennis rackets, so even young children can play. And the court itself is smaller than a tennis court, so strength and mobility are not as important to competitive success. For those who enjoy court games, a pickleball court is a great option, since the space required for the court is more common in homeowners’ backyards.

Learn more about SportCourt pickleball courts here Then request a quote from Grand Slam here.

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Reduce Your Stress with Exercise


2020 has been a stressful year. If you aren’t worried about COVID-19, maybe it’s job security, paying your bills, or even politics that has filled your life with anxiety.

The easy answer is exercise, and it’s especially easy if you have a Sport Court in your backyard or neighborhood recreation area.

Exercise is a great stress reducer. It gives you a sense of overall health and well-being and just makes you feel better about yourself. Here’s how:

  • Exercise increases the level of endorphins in your body. Endorphins are the feel-good neurotransmitters produced by the brain when you engage in aerobic activity.
  • Exercise not only reduces stress in your body, it protects your body from the effects of stress on the cardiovascular, digestive and immune systems.
  • A fast-paced game of tennis or pickleball takes your mind off the problems of the day. The effect is almost like meditation or mindfulness techniques that force a person to focus on the response of their body instead of their worries.
  • Exercise can improve your sleep, which in turn improves your mood, your energy levels, and your productivity.

The best thing about exercise as a stress-relief technique is that it can be fun! Do what you enjoy—basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, running, bicycling, or whatever. Here are some suggestions for making your exercise routine more enjoyable:

  • Invite a friend or family member to join you. Exercise does not need to be a solitary activity.
  • Set goals for yourself. You will find that your sense of well-being is enhanced when you meet your goals. Goals can be as simple as a set number of days a week of activity. Or your goal might be to lower your pulse rate or meet a weight target.
  • If you find yourself getting bored with your exercise routine, it is easy to make changes. Try a new sport. Buy or borrow some new equipment. Try changing your schedule to do more different activities for shorter periods of time.

If you don’t have a Sport Court available for your use, give Grand Slam Courts a call for a quote on adding one to your backyard.

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