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A New Year’s Resolution: Greater Encouragement for Your Kids


New Years resolutions are a tradition for many adults. They often involve self-improvement like losing weight or enhancing physical fitness. For 2022, consider making a resolution to help your children with issues like that by making a conscious effort to encourage their participation in sports and athletic activity.

Step One: Make Activity Convenient

One of the best ways to start is to make activity convenient—add a Sport CourtTM to the backyard. A backyard Sport Court not only promotes physical activity, it also provides a space for healthy social interaction for your child and his or her friends.

But coaching experts say there are additional ways to encourage kids and help them enjoy sports and physical activity.

Step Two: Provide Encouragement They Appreciate

Many kids do not feel successful when they begin to play a sport. They are not yet quick, strong, or skilled. So, as much as anything, they need emotional support. Some kids will respond to an encouraging word or a hug, and some may find motivation in even a cheap trophy. Spending time with a child and joining them on the court or the field will be the best way a parent can encourage others.

As children’s athletic skills develop, other techniques come into play. Experts suggest that parents talk to their children about what motivates them. Do they enjoy competition? The friendships they have formed on the field of play? A sense of accomplishment? Once you have identified what motivates your child, you may be able to guide them in ways that bring them greater satisfaction through sport.

Step Three: Point Out Specific Traits of Those Who Achieve Success

Another technique is to help them identify a sports “hero,” and point out ways in which they can emulate that sports star. Use the sports hero’s demonstration of discipline and dedication to practice and fitness to encourage the same in your child. These are important characteristics for everyone—whether they become a doctor, lawyer, electrician, computer programmer, teacher, or professional athlete.

As a child matures and develops athletically, the ways in which a parent can support their growth and achievement changes. But, the Sport Court in the backyard will still be the centerpiece of how your whole family can develop better fitness, athletic skill, and togetherness. If you don’t already have a Sport Court, give Grand Slam Courts a call. Let us build a court that will provide fun for years to come.

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